Caveman Clothing embodies the essence of urban culture. A voice that resonates the bold spirit of the new generation of creative minds. Caveman Clothing is the voice that brings together tradition and innovation. Giving you a canvas to celebrate Ubuntu heritage with contemporary African apparel. Daring to inspire each and every step of the way.


As a brand with African values deeply rooted in it's culture. Caveman Clothing is a brand with Zimbabwean origins and multicultural ambitions that represent the true Ubuntu spirit. Expressing humanity towards others through sharing and community.

When you think about the days of cavemen, they left their footprint wherever it was that they went. Stories, experiences and values to be passed on to the next generation. We as Africans have an opportunity to leave our footprint in a foreign land and that’s exactly what Caveman Clothing represents. A relentless journey to leave your footprint everywhere you go. 


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